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Is the constitution over with and there is no 2nd amendment anymore because of "red flag laws"?

Seems free speech is already gone too on social media.

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    2 months ago
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    But returning to the original limited government interpretation of the Constitution isn’t going to save us. It isn’t likely to happen, either, in the increasingly Third World feeding and breeding zone that America has become.

    The reasons are these: The nature and quality of a society is totally dependent on the men and women who make it up. The laws and constitution of that society matter to some degree, but nowhere near as much as the inner nature of the people who comprise it. And the people who make up American society have changed radically since 1789.

    When America granted independence to the Philippines, we handed them a constitution closely modeled on the American Constitution. But that didn’t make Philippine society resemble American society of that time in any significant way. Theirs was basically a Mestizo society, riddled from the beginning with extensive corruption — and within a few years their constitution was basically being ignored and their president was ruling by decree.

    When the African country of Liberia was set up by the American Colonization Society, it was also given a constitution modeled on ours. But you might as well have handed the American Constitution to a troop of baboons for all the good it did. Liberia was and continues to be a sinkhole of primitivism, poverty, chaos, corruption, disease, and death. The Americanized constitution mattered not a bit.

    The American Constitution was created by a specific group of people, and in many ways it worked for a time because it was particularly well suited to the kind of people who inhabited this country. Early America was a cultural and genetic colony of Europe, and its citizens, all Europeans, were in addition selected to be on the average more adventurous, courageous, and freedom-loving than their compatriots who stayed safely at home. These were men and women who were seeking a home where they could be free of the dessicated old aristocracy, where they could clear new land, fight off savages, and build a whole new world for themselves. They didn’t appreciate it when an effete and banker-ridden aristocracy started telling them what to do from 4,000 miles away — and many of them determined to be free or die in the attempt. It was men like that who brought the Constitution and its concept of limited government into being. And, with many exceptions, they made it work pretty well for a century and a half.

    Do you think that the increasingly disunited and darkening population of what is still called the “United States of America” could do much better than the Filipinos and Liberians with a “restored” constitution? Do you think they would have even the slightest interest in such an idea in the first place, especially considering that the illegitimate power of the regime in Washington is what is allowing them in and subsidizing them to the tune of billions of dollars?

    No, that’s a pipe dream. There will be no “restoration of the Constitution.” None of that is going to happen. Ever.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Red flag laws in every states now.

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  • Robert
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    2 months ago

    The once great nation has been over since people other than snowflakes started listening to the nonsense the snowflakes spout.

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