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Why aren’t more people paying their deepest gratitudes to Jewish porn pioneer, Ronald Jeremy ?

Ronald Jeremy revolutionized the porn industry along with Al Goldstein, Reuban Sturman, Seth Warshavsky and Steven Hirsch. All of these people, Jews. 

Capitalism and the free market is what makes this country great which is why we should embrace Jewish film pioneers that get rich off of distributing porn to young children on the internet. 

Ron Jeremy is a hero in my eyes. 

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  • Jerome
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    8 months ago
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    You mean like the other great American hero Jeffrey Epstein. Who sacrificed his life to protect OUR way of life. Had the flag lowered half staff on ORGY Island to honor this great man and his many contributions to our people.

    They are truly chosen.....lmao

    If you believe this bs. I have mountains to sell you in downtown Baltimore.....

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    When Christians and Jews come together, miracles start happening. 

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