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Who was/is a better female wrestler: Victoria, Charlotte Flair, Alundra Blayze, Gail Kim, or Molly Holly?


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    My opinion's narrowed down to three names, and I think the other two have potential to shine if given the proper limelight.

    Charlotte's one of the best female in-ring performers WWE has.  She might not be the best, but she's probably in the top 3 of the main roster right now.  Gail's work is a bit different than hers.  It comes off rawer and more like a realistic fight in a lot of ways, similar to Alundra Blayze, and it may be because they were almost always pitted against bigger opponents and had to make a convincing fight from underneath.  That said, there aren't many Blayze matches that got the limelight and love that they deserved.

    Victoria's good, but she had her stints as the headlining woman in two companies and never really broke out in either.  Inversely, Molly Holly was great from what we saw of her in multi-person matches and 6 to 10 minute sprints that she got on TV, but she was never handed the ball to run with.

    Narrowed down to Flair and Kim, I think biases of mine are hard to place in the backseat.  Gail's career is over.  Her complete work is on display.  She did great things for women's wrestling as a whole and has major matches that will remain cult classics for the foreseeable future.  Charlotte doesn't have that luxury yet.  Outside of her bout against Nattie in NXT and her 'mania match against Asuka, there aren't many Charlotte matches that are appreciated in hindsight, perhaps because we've been flooded and bombarded with them in such a short period of time that we haven't been allowed to process them.  I wont deny that WWE has hard sold Charlotte out of the gate, but I will maintain the fact that the push is justified.  Of the Horsewomen, she was the most fully formed performer coming out of NXT, and she continues to be their most consistent female main event wrestler.  

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