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What to do in Denver/NY/Amsterdam?

I booked a flight with 3 long layovers because it was cheaper and I thought I could see some cities during the layovers.

Here’s my itinerary:Jan 7- Layover in Denver from 4pm until 6am the next dayThings to do/seePlace to eatPlace to stay for one nightJan 8- Layover in New York City from noon until midnightPlace to relax for the daySomething NEW to seeJan 9- Layover in Amsterdam from 1pm to 5pmPlace to grab something quick to eatSomething to see quick/take a photoAny advice would be great. I’ve never been to Denver. I’ve been to NY a few times already. I’ve never been to Amsterdam but if I were to go into the city I would have only about 1 to 1.5 hours to see something/take a picture quick. 

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    A question in <netherlands> probably won get you good answers about Denver or New York.

    I don't think 4 hours is worth travelling all the way from Schiphol airport to Amsterdam and back

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