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What to do in Denver/NY/Amsterdam?

I booked a flight with 3 long layovers because it was cheaper and I thought I could see some cities during the layovers.

Here’s my itinerary:Jan 7- Layover in Denver from 4pm until 6am the next dayThings to do/seePlace to eatPlace to stay for one nightJan 8- Layover in New York City from noon until midnightPlace to relax for the daySomething NEW to seeJan 9- Layover in Amsterdam from 1pm to 5pmPlace to grab something quick to eatSomething to see quick/take a photoAny advice would be great. I’ve never been to Denver. I’ve been to NY a few times already. I’ve never been to Amsterdam but if I were to go into the city I would have only about 1 to 1.5 hours to see something/take a picture quick. 

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    A question in <netherlands> probably won get you good answers about Denver or New York.

    I don't think 4 hours is worth travelling all the way from Schiphol airport to Amsterdam and back

    • **** this, I don’t know why this posted to Netherlands. I’ll go to google and figure out travel advice. Thanks for the tip that maybe it’s not worth my time going from Schiphol to Amsterdam

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