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Do you think i should listen to these friends?

I am into public speaking and I've given many speeches.

There are a couple of friends of mine who say that my presentations are weird and there are so many things that are wrong with the way i present because which many people make fun of me and put me down as well the fact my presentations are one of the main reason I'm attracting bullies.

But i dont know how far is it true?

I've given many speeches and never have i felt that anyone was trying to put me down during my speeches.Ive people say that they loved my speech and they love to see me on stage.I do get told that im a good speaker.

Whatever these friends say bothers me and i hope it's not true.I even spoke to my sister about this and she told me to speak for a few minutes so she can judge after which she told me that there is nothing with my speeches and she doubts if it's got anything to do with the bullying.

I don't know if i should believe her and all those people who say they like my speeches.

Is there a chance that people made fun of me but i never noticed it and these friends are trying to make me aware of it?

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    I think you need to stop listening to them. If you have made a speech and pulled a passing grade that's all that matters.

    When they make these comments,  I'd put them on the spot & me how to do a speaking presentation. 

    I think it is them verses you.

    You make an effort and pull a passing grade

    You might want to mention that.

    Also, they might not do as well as you and are making you feel bad.

    I would say when they make comments and don't want to be helpful then it is their issue not yours

    Over a period of time I think I might say, stop capping on me, it's rude. Friends support and help, verses ***** about what you are doing.

    Relax, they are rude and insensitive 

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