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Should i stop talking to this girl?

I am different from people in my school because of which i get bullied and have no friends or few friends.

I am different in the sense that i write poems,read books,and I'm very attentive in class and im liked by all my teachers for my intellect.I am basically a teachers pet.So i dont have friends for that reason because being dumb is cool here.

There was time when i did everything to fit in but i failed.Then i realised how fruitless this is and fitting in among these knobheads is basically a relegation for me.I realised that i can grow if I'm away from these people.

So now i spend my time reading books or watching movies on my phone or listening to music.

So today i was doing that and a group of students who are my acquaintances came near me.(I don't really like them though).So when they did i felt my personal space being invaded so i moved away.Then one girl who is actually a good friend came and disturbed me.Then she was like why did you move away my friends were making fun of that.They were like look he moved away ha ha ha.Then i spoke to that girl for a few minutes and while i was doing so her friends were recording us using their phones..... probably a form of mockery again and after our conversation she left.

So i do actually have a few friends/acquaintances but no one who i can truly trust and I'm loosing trust in this girl and maybe i should terminate my friendship with her considering her friends misbehavior.

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    Your main problem could be your judgemental attitude.   Viewing people as knobheads is hardly likely to win friends and influence people.

    You may learn a valuable lesson if you do talk to this girl

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