UCLA Nursing Application Question. ?

I had a question for the UCLA Nursing Application. So, for the UCLA Nursing School, it asks for two letter of recommendations. In the application, there is a section where you put two peoples names and emails, either a teachers, counselor, or supervisors reference.  I was wanted to know, after I put their name and email, and then submit the application, does UCLA send them an email where they have to write the letter of recommendation?

Also, I wanted to know if you guys knew what kind of letter of recommendation it is, like do they have to fill out a form or like they have to write an actual letter. Thank you for whoever answers, means a lot. 

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    You have to submit two Letters of Recommendation - two letters written by your recommenders.

    You should submit the letters in sealed envelopes, so that in theory - you do not know the contents

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