Did I just go deaf in one ear? ?

Alright so here’s the tea, the other night I was struggling bc my ear started to hurt. I’m like sh*t ear infection. However the pain didn’t stay very long it was quick my ear pulsed for a bit done, gone. I took some Tylenol and was fine, now there is no pain in my ear. But I can’t hear anything out of it. I’m a singer, so this is kind of a cause for concern. I told my mom to take me to the doctor but she’s like “nothing they will do about it ears just gotta drain.” Is she right? Or did I just go deaf in one ear. For the record I also have a faith piercing that has cause some chaos in the past. 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Please see an ENT ear nose throat specialist. You very likely will get in the same day or next day as this is urgent. Feel better I’m so sorry

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