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Pubic hair and its removal?

I’m a sixteen year old female and i have a lot of hair on ny vagina extending to the back of my butt and in between and basically just a lot of hair in my private areas. I’ve figured the cause behind my excessive hair growth is me being overweight and having hormonal issues. I do have a lot of hair on my stomach as well but it’s basically just on the lower part below the belly button in a line. I’m also asian(pakistani) so we have a lot of hair everywhere! I do get my arms and legs waxed but i can’t get my pubic hair waxed as im so embarrassed and can’t spread open my legs in front of anyone! My inner thighs are also really dark which again is due to me being overweight. Bikini waxes hurt so much and i start to bleed and i can’t tolerate it. Besides shaving or using creams is there a way i can get rid of my hair painlessly like applying numbing cream before waxing or something? And how do i get rid of my dark skin in those areas and how do i stop excessive hair growth?

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    Thats life. Humans are mammels. Its normal to have hair. 

     And the hair your explaining... i have as well. Im hispanic. 

     Red heads are the ones with most hair than other people. 

     Just keep shaving. There is no way to slow it down unless you keep going to doctors apts for lazer hair removal which can be expensive. 

     Its okay though. Youre not alone! 

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    8 months ago is tough...........

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    We would need to see a picture to best advise you.

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