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Really need Help! How to quit your Job when you are working with family?

I have been working for this company for 15 years! And i am the head of sales. My uncle who is my boss also is difficult to work with and very rude. I cant even have a conversation about anything. There is just so much negative vibe in the office as he yells and shouts at everyone. I feel so depressed and stressed everyday. Its even so difficult for me to get out of bed! I know he will make it very tough for me to leave as he himself and the company is also currently in a bad shape. Its a do or die situation for him but i just cant bear and take it any longer.

One of the major problems is that he is holding a **** load of my money and i really worry and stress on how he will give to me. Because this is my life savings and i stress how im going to feed my family.

Please i need help and advice!

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    a bit difficult in understanding how he has a lot of money and how he will give it to you... Is this your money? Is he holding you're earnings hostage, or is this an inheritance you're hoping for. You think you'll have a harder time working for someone else? If the company is in bad shape how does your uncle have so much money, (that again leads to the confusion). Do some homework, find out if it's in your best interest to stay in a "bad shape" company, (with your "rich" uncle) or if it's time to traverse the working world. Peace out!

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      We were also doing trading for the past 6 years and he has not given me my dues.. Yes its my cut and my money.. My Uncle and the company is in bad shape and he is not liquid at the moment and dosent have much funds himself

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