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Ithaca Model 37 Police Deerslayer, what happened?

If you are a big fan of 1970's police movies (this acquired taste I got from my father's VCR collection) The Stone Killers, Bullitt, The 7-Ups, Pelham 123, Laughing Policeman, Magnum Force, you notice that all the Departments, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, all issued Ithaca 37 riot guns as standard weapons. You still Sean Penn pull out an Ithaca in "Colors," and Christian Slater has one  in "Cuffs." Yet, like five years later, the Model 37 disappears of the face of the Earth and everyone now has Remington 870's.  So what happened?


And another question: I thought "Dragnet," was pretty accurate as to L.A.P.D. procedures  In an Episode of "Dragnet 1968," (again, my father's collection) it shows Joe Friday having to CHECK OUT a Model 37 to go after dangerous criminals because his car doesn't have one. Is that accurate?

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    It is hard to beat a Remington 870.

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    In 1977 I bought an Ithaca Model 37 12ga as a re-enlistment present to myself.  No matter how good I lubed it, it was hard to cycle.  Worse - every cloth and patch came out full of metal shavings - and not small ones.  Twice I sent it back to the factory - then I gave up and sold the damn thing. What ever was leaving all the chucks of metal - I did not want to be firing when it failed. 

    Late 70's was a tough time for many long time firearm makers.  Some were still making guns on 20 year old machines - and could not compete with companies like Ruger that had started with new tooling.  Companies like High Standard with an excellent reputation were scrambling to cut costs - skipping machining steps, not finishing as nice, and deleting features - and failed miserably...…. all that did was kill support since the cheaper products were not well received.  For the new shooter, they saw no reason to spend $120 for a High Standard fine target pistol when they could get a new Ruger for $60 - ok tin can shooting - it would not be until the visited the local indoor range they'd notice people with Rugers didn't hit the black much and folks with a HS or S&W Model 41 were all in the black.


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    A better shotgun came along. I have a 16 gauge Model 12 riot gun, try finding ammunition for that.

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