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Are men afraid of Western women?

Some Western men tend to date women from countries where women are mostly dumb and don t have a good personality. Western women are smart, courageous and have the best personality in the world but still some western males hate them. These men only want a weak girl who don't have a good personality.

Does that mean those Western men are insecure or afraid of strong independent western women.

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    Only sexist men are afraid of the independence held by Western women. This is why a lot of white nationalist, traditionalist, and alt right Western men advocate for only dating women from underdeveloped countries. Or they say they'll date a Western woman as long as they can force the woman to stay at home and raise a family. Countries where women still don't have rights are the countries they like to date out of.

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    so you individually know the personality of every woman you never met in different countries you never been to and the reason for every single relationship they had which you never observed, and their personal taste in a mate...........if not you just made up all that stuff you said which sounds delusional, and would cause no man or woman to take anything you say serious

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    "Are men afraid of Western women?"

    No, men are not afraid of Western women.  But feminism has made some men afraid of INTERACTING with women with justified fear of the consequences that may occur if the women becomes offended at any part of the interaction. Recent school and workplace "harassment codes" have only ingrained the reality of potential legal danger for men in this arena. Men don't need to risk this. And the result can't be good for society.In fact, it's the bitter women of the feminist movement that ruin things for other women. One of the weirder developments of the online publishing era is the way a loose confederation of embittered feminists has formed, across social media and the blogging world, under the banner of “women’s rights. Feminism is an attempt to reframe old-fashioned man-hating as if it’s some kind of human rights movement, much like organized racism has periodically tried to reframe itself as a “white pride” movement. Feminists, who spend most of their “activist” energy roaming around the Internet, harassing anti-feminists and men’s rights activists and pushing misandrist myths that women never lie about rape and never marry men for financial exploitation, are clearly bad for men. But while they claim to speak for women, their rhetoric is just as bad for women as it is for men. Here are some of the reasons why."1. Embittered feminists deny that false accusations are possible.2. Embittered feminists encourage women to become consumed with irrational jealousy.3. Embittered feminists discourage women from actually making their lives better.4. Embittered feminists poison the well for good women on the dating market..

    Source(s): article that now redirects to a feminist site. Must be hijacked, or shut down.
  • Yes they smell horrible down there

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  • Yes because most western women dont have a good personality

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    ...C o r r e c t...

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    No, I just prefer to be with a woman who is more cooperative with me rather than a woman who tries to boss me around.

    Do note that darwinism could be at play. On evolutionary terms, men take on the role of "providers."  It could be that men just don't feel the need to provide for women are smart, courageous and have the "best personality in the world" (Whatever that means)

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    Oh, bull. He dumped you because you were overbearing and mean, and he's with her because she's nice to him. She may even be more about women's rights than you are - she's just not an @$$hole.

    But you have to make it about nationalist crap because you can't acknowledge that the problem was YOU.

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