Should I be friends with her again ?

I’m a 21 year old guy. In the fall of 2018, I became friends at work with a girl my age. A co worker. I had a crush on her, but it was the work place so I never made a direct move or anything. We were just friends and I would hang out with her, take her to the mall, beach, out for ice cream, etc. anyhow, January of this year she changed. After being friends for about 3 months she started to tell me she was “busy” and she pretty much pushed me off. Then in May, she moved to another location to advance her career. We haven’t had much contact since. We are on social media, and that’s about it. She pretty much kicked me to the curb, to keep it short. I never heard from her anymore ever and if I texted her to say hi she would ignore me and never even say anything back. She actually called me last night interestingly enough and she asked me if I wanted to hang out with her and her friend. I told her I was working late and couldn’t. And she said “Okay, well, text me!” Seems she misses me but I have mixed feelings on her. She clearly seems to want to hang out with me like we used to but I’m concerned. Do I take her back or no?? I feel like she doesn’t deserve me. But then again, no ones ever really gone. Maybe she changed. I saw her boyfriend broke up with her, from social media. That’s a piece to the puzzle of why she’s reaching out to me with 7 months or so of silence. But I never thought she was romantically attracted to me. She always told me I was “innocent”

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  • 10 months ago
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    You seem like you have thought this out fairly well, maybe a bit too much.  That is understandable though.  So with that being said, it seems like you don't really have anything to lose here by putting yourself out there to be her friend again.  Give it a shot.  You obviously want to.  No harm in that.  Just play it safe to begin with.  

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    10 months ago

    It sounds like she just got busy. What do you mean "take her back"? It doesn't sound like you were ever dating. She probably just wants to hang out and you're overthinking it. Don't be puzzled that she broke up with her boyfriend months ago and then talked to you. The two likely have nothing to do with one another. Do you want to be friends with her? If yes then be friends. If no then don't.

     ~Kate Yelkovan~

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