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My boyfriend who's about to finish dentistry wants to open a clinic in the countryside and move there to escape from the modern world ?

My boyfriend has a huge social anxiety and back in his sophomore year, he used to get bullied physically so he got boxing classes and months later got into a huge fight so they left him alone and he still trains boxing till now. Before he used to have panic attacks in crowded areas but he got used to it but he still walks so nervously making a fist the whole time. He always used to say he wants to escape from modern world and now he's close to his dentistry degree, he said he can't handle being around people anymore, he's going to move out to a big countryside. He says he knows he won't make as much money in the city but his parents who one is them is a dentist and other is a doctor have saved him 500k and he said investing it should also give him $2000 a month and he says the countryside is big and has no dentist so he maybe will make same amount of money as a dentist in a city. 

The thing is I really love him but I love living in a city, I'm a social person and love talking to friends and hanging out but all he does is studying, video games and boxing. He tells me being around the modern world is really making him suicidal and he finally wants to escape.

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  • 10 months ago you two don't suit each other. You should break up.

  • 10 months ago

    You know how he is so either go with him or get away from him, he's been bullied and you apparently don't have a clue how that is.

  • 10 months ago

    Small town dentist. There should be some sort of professional service to place dentists. Call the professional dentist society and ask them. Try to fine a dentist in a small town who is retiring, hopefully connected to the local hospital, and buy his business and clients. You would be a big fish in the smaller pond.

  • 10 months ago

    Maybe you should break up with him.  It doesn't sound like    you're going to be happy in the country. 

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