How may I market my highly intellectual INDIAN movie in the US ?

I've made a movie about the lufe, brilliance and struggles of Ranjay the Pedhu. He was a philosopher whose followers exceeded just over 25000 before his death following a high speed rickshaw crash in Calcutta. His greatest quote is "Worry not. For before it has happened, it is not". This brings much peace to ones mind and soul. How to Effectively market this as 90%  of Americans know little about world history 

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  • 8 months ago
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    Slumdog Millionaire was an "Indian" movie with huge international appeal.  Life of PI was more of a western film with Indian characters...both did well. 

    Anyway, a philosopher with only 25k followers isnt that many, especially in a place with a billion people (not sure of the year of death).  In the US, we have mega churches with far more followers...

    What did they do in their life that makes the movie worth watching?  If I can read a wikipedia I need to watch the movie for some reason?  Sorry, but you dont say anything about what makes the movie worth watching...

    Lastly, stating that Americans know little about world history may be correct...but the ones who'd even be interested in watching your highly intellectual movie probably know a lot about world history...just saying.  

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