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Does anyone have a good bad guy death idea for our martial arts / action youtube fight? ?

My friend is a 3rd Dan in Taekwondo and 1st kyu in Aikido, but I am only 3 Kyu, though I also got 2nd Kyu in Aikido, so I can good falls and such. Anyway we want to do a wicked action fight scene with him where I get an awesome death.

But I want to do something memorable, and also at the same time Low Budget and easy to do. My special effects are limited to basic editing and some photoshop stuff. A lot of it would have to use props and choreography. I want to do like a Mortal Kombat Fatality for the end, where I am stunned and get the finishing blow.

So how do you think he can "Finish Me"?

Ideas? Set the Scene and maybe you will get to see it soon. :-) 

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    Bar fight, one tries to take other drink, gets beer bottle broke over head and then about 20 seconds of scrambling, some blood/ketchup spills, then a failed groin kick with blocker hand holding another beer bottle cutting leg , and then  counter punched to center/left side- , heart stopped and collapse to floor, with blood bubble at mouth from ribs piercing lung .  Death scene would be the throat stomp NOT pulled, instead of touching throat and cop yelling Stop!, actually breaking larnyx to kill as old Gunny taught .  this was days before security cameras became common- you can now film scene and end it without the minor hassles in court, couple nights in jail. 

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    kicked into road and hit by a car is good

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