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Do you all believe American wrestling is dead like NASCAR now.?

No disrespect to the legends of racing and wrestling; I believe times have changed sense 2001. Wrestling will never be the same because of the bad booking and stroy-lines.

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  • 8 months ago

    Wrestling Worldwide is dead

  • Candle
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    8 months ago

    I think they're comparable in their current pop culture standing, but I wouldn't say either's dead.  Both have very strong global presences that you wouldn't expect considering their declining popularity in America.  I think as long as both evolve with the times, they'll eventually regain a following.  They might not be the hottest entertainment properties in America anytime soon, but both came out of the gate pretty hot so it's not surprising that the only way to go is down for awhile.

    You say wrestling will never be the same because of bad booking and story lines, and you seem to ignore the fact that those are two easily fixable facets of it, and considering the state of wrestling when it was at it's height of popularity, I'd argue that those aren't even the things holding wrestling back.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Wrestling could only come back if it was not a jock and like it first was and man fighting man more real not fake and always the challenge to the top with titles matches and the other real man challenging the other for their titile's to the top and this was know back in war time and done to compete with each and keep time passing and if this happen with none of the fake acts and just the sport i think people would love it like we love foot ball and the DVR would pick up what we miss so it is not missed with them.  

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