Why is The Godfather part 3 viewed as really bad?

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    8 months ago
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    It isn't viewed as really bad--it's viewed as not very well liked, compared to the first two installments. It did receive some critical acclaim, and it was nominated for seven Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director. 

    I didn't like the movie when I first saw it, and still don't almost 30 years later. I just couldn't get into the story. There never should have been a third installment, but Francis Ford Coppola made his share of stinkers which almost forced him to make this turkey. 

    Too many wrong actors were cast in the movie, but the movie seemed too forced with its characters and storylines. The first two movies were perfectly cast. And, to think, a fourth installment was considered with over-actor Leo DiCaprio as young Sonny Corleone. Wow! A movie where Leo gets to lose his temper--you never see that. 


  • 8 months ago

    Because it is really bad, dire, terrible. After decades of trying to protect his family, Michael gives power to a moronic, psycho who will get everyone killed in about ten minutes. Yes, that was a likely continuation from the sequel. 3 has none of the gravitas of 1 and 2, with several of the main characters being nothing more than snarling ego maniacs, like Zasa and Vincent

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