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If a woman w/a son unknowingly gets engaged to a con artist who’s trying to swindle her, is it expected that he’ll suck up to her?

For example, on the day of her son’s prom, while he, his date, and his other classmates are taking pictures before they head off in the limo, his mother’s fiancé says to his friends (who are presently at the house; or perhaps they are more of his victims he’s trying to swindle) “Guess which one is my son” while pointing at all the kids.  Did he say that in an effort to butter up the son’s mother, since he obviously doesn’t really give a damn about either of them?  No offense to stepchildren, but if her son is not related to him, why would he ask his friends/victims to guess which one is his son?  Also, keep in mind that this con artist also paid for the prom (the limo, his tuxedo, etc.).  Everyone in the limo only had to pitch in to tip the limo driver.  Was that also part of his sucking up to the son’s mother who he’s trying to swindle?


FYI - they’ve only known each other three months by then (met online in January or February, which was also when she let him move in with she and her son; high school prom in May,

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    This makes absolutely no sense.

    Con artists do not pay for things they take money.

    Try some English composition next time.

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