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1 week ago my wife and I had a baby boy who had to be delivered by cesarean section and she's taking that so hard she has formed no bond ?

With him when he was first brought to her she said get that thing away from me she even refused to breastfeed him, hes so tiny he needs her milk she still won't even touch him

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    A baby can do fine on formula when a mother is unable or unwilling to breast feed.  That part is NOT a huge issue.

    Her depression and lack of willingness to hold her baby IS a huge issue.  What does her doctor say when you ask him/her about it.  Have they recommended anything.  You shouldn't be asking strangers on the internet - you should be having serious conversations with her doctor and getting recommendations for therapy or treatment to help her get through whatever emotional distress she is feeling right now.  

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    Well, the ordeal of the whole thing, the postpartum rush of hormones and having a tiny person who's entirely dependant on you can be fairly overwhelming, and the vast majority of women suffer whats colloquially refered to as baby blues. Its very common, and usually passes. If youre concerned, she can always follow up with the maternity support team and make sure its not something more serious like postpartum depression

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    The hospital wouldn't have released him if he wasn't eating. So I'm assuming he is on formula. Bonds between mother and child do not form right away at times due to many different reasons so this isn't too rare. If she doesn't come out of this soon I'd suggest speaking to her OB/GYN.

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