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Wedding on a train station ?

Hi. I would like to hear your input about this dream I had.

My dream goes like this

I am at a party, sort of an improvised family reunion, everyone is enjoying and having a good time. Then I realized that I am actually at a train station, like a subway station and I see two trains arriving one from the left one from the right. The first wagon of both trains seemed made by glass so I can see thru. On the left train, a woman on a wedding dress, on the right one the groom. Both trains meet at this station. I thought they did that because of a weather thing, cause it was the winter. I don’t know .. but I thought it was very creative way .. then a ceremony of the wedding began and a party afterwards.. 

the party I was on (my family reunion) was on this side of the train station and on he other side the party of the wedding .. most of the women were dressed with white dresses sort of like the same dress all of them .. 

my dreams “ends” when the newly weds leave ..I guess I woke up then.

Before you give your thoughts

I have the idea that this dream represents my feelings towards my soul mate.. we both live far from each other (long long distance) but we still know about the other. To me the trains represents our lives itineraries. We are meeting here, and we are making a commitment.

I don’t want to be very naive about the meaning of this dream.. maybe it has nothing to do with my soul mate, but this is just how I feel about it.


Thanks for reading and for your feedback :)

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