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Can I set up 2 motion lights to a single switch?

I exchange one exterior light to the motion light.  Then I found there is one more exterior light with the same switch is there about 10 ft away.  Can I just replace that one to the motion light and both are working OK?  or do I need to do anything special to use 2 motion lights with the same electric line and switch?  Or not work at all?  It looks like the first one with the motion sensor is off but the other normal exterior light is on all the time.   So I turned off at the moment until I figure it out.  Please help!


Right now one closer to the switch is replaced with a motion sensor and it's working. If I walk outside in a dark, the one with sensor turn on then off in a few mins and the other one remains on as long as the switch is on. So even if the first one is off the other one gets electricity. If I can't get replaced the other it's pretty much useless.  

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    If the switch always operated both lights together before, there should be no problem.  Each light has a hot and a neutral going to it.

    With a motion detector at each light fixture, each light will be controlled by its own detector.  Just leave the switch on and you're good to go.  Each light should turn on and off as its own motion detector dictates.

    You can connect the further light to the first one's motion detector's output, and then that motion detector will operate both lights simultaneously.

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    nothing special is required

  • Anonymous
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    Depends how they are wired. I would expect the first detector will in reality control both units. That would mean if the first unit is not triggered, the second will not work either. 

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