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What does it mean when a Virgo guy acts inconsistently  warm and cold towards me?

I am an aries man who has a huge crush on a Virgo man. He is very observant and analytical so it didn’t take him awhile to figure out I had the hots for him. At first he seemed overwhelmed with the huge attention I was giving him and he would avoid me and ignore me but later he started to sit or stand really close to me which made things awkward and nervous for the both of us. He does this on and off periodically, there are times he will come really close to my bubble to sit or stand next to me but there are other days where he is upset to see me and clearly makes a point to avoid me. When we share eye contact sometimes he gives me a devilish smirk as he is amused at the fact I fancy him and the smile he gives me does not feel friendly at all, almost as if he is rubbing it in my face that he knows I have the hots for him. No one is making a move and no one has spoken a word to each other. Right now he is avoiding me but like previous times he will show up again and come really close to me but not say anything. A tarot reader told me the situation and although she feels he is narcisstic and selfish where I’m giving way more into him she said it’s not a bad idea to approach him as he has good intentions towards me which doesn’t make sense because it kind of condradicts what she said about him. I know Aries and Virgos don’t get along but from what I read I always thought the Aries ends up being the selfish player while the Virgo ends up being in love and hurt. 

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    They're being a virgo, most pisces get turned on by this. Me being a sag and seeing myself get turned on by this by geminis makes sense as well. And virgo and geminis are closely related.

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    Love you. Still love you 😍😘

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