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IT 2 making suicide heroic bad writing?

I enjoyed the IT movies for the most part. Though, there's one scene that just might change my opinion.

At the end Stanley sends them all a letter telling them how he was being heorific , glorifying his suicide, stating that it was best for all those involved.

Is that really a great message? What about people who feel like a burden to some one else, which are millions?

What about people who feel like their death would make someone else's life simpler, easier?

I didn't really appreciate this message. I don't think that it was tasteful...

Why would we want to make suicide into a heroic act? Suicide is suicide...

If someone wants to do it then they will but making it into a heroic or framing it like it can do someone else a great service, that's something else entirely...


Not to mention that the movie already had a heroic sacrifice at the end... 

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    I agree with you, but remember the original book was published in 1986. Mental health wasn't something you talked about like we do now. They could've cut it from the movie somehow, sure, but you'd be betraying the source material (more than they already did). I guess there could've been a better way to handle it, but I'm not a professional screenwriter.

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