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Do the network and internet settings on your laptop automatically change if you use a different router?

So say you took your laptop to two different locations regularly, and say at one location you had two domain name servers set in IPv4, and say you had two domain name servers set in IPv6. But then say at the other location you changed the settings and had two different domain name servers set in IPv4, and you didn't even have IPv6 turned on.

Would these settings automatically change to the one you set on your laptop at the specific location? Or would you manually need to keep changing them your self?

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    DNS is a bit different in DHCP.  One can "set" it to disable the DHCP DNS servers provided by the server. 

    So if you specifically set it, it will use it.  If you set it to dynamic, it will use the ones from DHCP.

    So you can use all the other settings DHCP returns, but use a specific set of DNS servers.  Typically, you leave these unset and allow DHCP to give you those settings.

  • 8 months ago

    Most networks use DHCP. That means that the DHCP server (usually the router in most home and small business settings) will automatically provide your laptop with the necessary network information. So in your example, the DHCP server in network 1 would provide the DNS servers, IP address, subnet mask, etc to your laptop's network card. However, when you connect to network 2, its DHCP server will provide your laptop with its own information.

    If you set a static IP configuration, then you would need to manually change the information when you connect to different networks. This is not typically done in most normal use cases.

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