Could you please check and improve my sentence?

When I was studying in high-school, there was one girl didn’t attend Mathematics final exam. It was an important exam and I was wondering why she didn’t attend and I started assuming whether she found difficult to prepare for math.

Next day, she came with a beautiful smile and attended Physics exam. She was wearing this auspicious thread on her neck and also a wedding ring. After exam I enquired her, whether her parents forced her to marry someone during final exams. She told me that she was in love with the school driver and they decided to get married. I was shocked and told her that she took stupid decision, she had a whole life ahead after high-school and she ruined everything. She didn’t take care much and was happily narrating her wedding experience to the fellow girls from the class.

A few years later, I accidently met her near my school and she was with her two kids. She looked dull, pale and worried. I enquired about her married life and she replied that her husband was addicted to alcohol and started beating her and didn’t earn enough money to run the family. She was completely broke and it is visible on the faces of all of them.

She completely lost her life, because of her stupid decision to get married in high-school time to a wrong person.

Guys, this is my current level of English. Please tell me how I am doing, so that I can improve.

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  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    it sounds okay to me

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