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Why has it been the norm for a long time for extremely attractive women to wind up getting married to men which look repulsive.?

What kind of inhumane satanic gender dimorphism has our species succumbed to? These men are so ******* ugly when they are standing next to these attractive women they are basically parasitic to her and make her look uglier and the offspring come out ugly if they inherit too much of his features. These couples shouldn't be together in any sane universe. These men don't look or sound remotely human or proper for a human being. They have satanic dark red complexions (due to their overkill of predominant male sex hormones) and their voices sound like a lizard.

I think these women have been doing this because of brainwashing, societal hypnosis, and being delusional except the women involved in this are not innocent. They are dating completely based on status. They are mainly involved because they are selfish and gold digging and all they see are $ signs when they go looking for a relationship. Men with these inhumane appearances which dress like the average male conformist during the 1929 stock market crash give these women a good-enough indication that they will be cared for, make them rich, and give them children which will be cared for and give them security.


There is no real love or admiration involved in these relationships and the reasons that they are usually together is not of merit. Just both sexes being entirely dependent of two completely different things and being at opposite ends of the spectrum. They have extremely poor understandings of each others feelings and can never relate to each others mental or emotional state let alone their physical state. It's never based on what they have in common with each other.

Update 2:

It's just based on him keeping her comfortable and slaving away 6 days a week to come home and be allowed to **** her to death. And did I forget to mention that these men with revolting satanic appearances can almost never retire or stop working until they are at the cardiologists office 3 times a week while she's making plans to inherit all of his fortunes which he made wearing the 1929 inspired attire every day. How is the very nature of this not satanic and inhumane?

Update 3:

Why do so many of them find this breed of man attractive? How distorted and delusional are they? They still date the pretty boys in middle school, high school, or even college except they almost always wind up marrying them in the end once it gets serious.

Update 4:

Why are almost all very attractive women's beauty standards exactly the same... They don't have any when it comes to their spouse? They can't all see things exactly the same way just because they are all very attractive. How can they even tolerate having sex with those things? What's in it for them?

Update 5:

Remember the ending of 1991's animated Beauty And the Beast. That looked more proper to me.

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  • Damien
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    8 months ago
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    cause in today's world most women and most men have this thinking the more ugly a man is the more "masculine" he is. gone are the days where males like brad pitt, tom cruise or leonardo decaprio were considered good looking, now most women think they are "too feminine", it all comes down to the majority, because the majority of males are hairy ugly looking fellas, that's what's considered "good looking" now. mike tyson is also now considered "hot" when infact we all know he is a ugly looking crooked teeth fella. Also the estrogen affects women's brains, they are attracted to dudes more who are likely to rape and murder them, the aggressiveness of such males "turns them on"

  • God
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    8 months ago

    Women only marry men to get their money. This is especially true when the woman is very attractive and young and the man is unattractive and old. Contrary to what feminists preach, women are a lot more superficial than men. 

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    I don't think it's the norm - most middle class couples are equal in looks. It is true that a very rich man who looks like a repulsive clod can score a beautiful woman and usually does. It is a trade - she gets a life of luxury and he gets a trophy wife. Money can buy people if they want to be bought. 

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    I think it's either very closely related to financial incentives and his financial status because a lot of those types of men are loaded or just that their instincts have been shot since the end of the 1990's or maybe since 2006. Whichever way you look at it, it's like they haven't had any instincts at all minus his salary figures when choosing the man that they ultimately get married to and have children with. Like you said, they ultimately just go for the opposite compared to what they had been dating in middle school and high school. College is the transitional phase and eventually once they are adults and are in the working world they no longer care about the man's physical appearance or if he's mentally and emotionally compatible with her and not likely to commit assault against her and rape her if she accidentally makes him blow a fuse during the course of the marriage before he dies of a testosterone-related coronary and she ensures that she's taken care of in the instance of that.

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  • 8 months ago

    I'm ugly as hell, I'm old (and I wasn't very good looking when I was young, either), I'm stone cold broke, I live in a famously bad neighborhood that's often used as an example in discussions about urban decay, I have quite possibly the most unpopular type of politics on my continent, I have weird hobbies, and I'm of a minority ethnic group that the rightwing has traditionally been bigoted against and now is more and more the target of bigoted attacks from the left as well. Oh, and I dress funny.

    And my girlfriend is gorgeous, educated, and successful.

    Go figure THAT one out, Mr. Thinker-in-stereotypes.

  • 8 months ago

    Each one of them have their particular reasons, I won’t say none of them marry for money or some selfish reason, but most people marry for love, maybe they just really get along well, or for her he is attractive

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Throughout history men have desired beautiful women and women have searched for opportunities of marriage with men of power and resources. Only recently have we developed to the point where both men and women can work cushy jobs earning a livable wage. This has naturally changed the dynamic between men and women. Now women, such as yourself, can pursue men for sexual opportunities.

    When you whittle your list down to handsome, wealthy, hung, ripped, intelligent, confident, charming, and willing to change everything about himself for you - you're not left with many men. I suppose some of these women are compromising.

  • Pearl
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    8 months ago

    cause theyre not ugly is why

  • 8 months ago

    That’s just how nature works. When a lioness is looking for a mate, she picks the one that’s the biggest and strongest, the one that can take down all the other lions. She doesn’t pick the pretty boy. She picks the one that gives the best dna to her cubs. Women pick a guy who can support her and her kids. 

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