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Is it legit for a girl who never had anything in her life to desire to catch the same illness her boyfriend has, so they can die together?

A girl never had anything in her life except pain. Her parentd died, dhe endured the pain of loneliness rejection and hate, poverty and economic hardships. She falls for a guy who is a good guy but who ended up being wanted. He cannot be with her or get married to her because he is still wanted. He protects her and loves her secretly, for the first time someone defends her from the attacks of her cousins and of the bullies at school.they fall in love but never say I love you, nor a kiss. The girl feels always worse cause he wants to go away and she is alone, has no parents, she's afraid of him going away so she argues with him cause she thinks he loves anothet girl but flirts with her all the time. He starts to cough and spit blood as he had a lung disease he caught in prison. He gets worse and has high fever, shivers and she covers him with many blankets and with her body to warm him up. She is scared that he will die and prays he'll stay alive. When he gets even worse, she decides to kiss him and sleep with him so that she'll catch the same disease and die with him.

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    Contagious diseases often spread through contact between people.  The disease you're describing sounds like tuberculosis, which is contagious and was the popular romantic disease used in fiction in the 19th century.  Tuberculosis is curable in the developed world today, though it still runs rampant in third world countries.  So it's legit enough for a 19th century melodrama.

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    That sounds stinky.

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    I didn't think I'd find your couple in the poetry section.

    Yes it is "legitimate" (if you meant "plausible") for her to want to die with her beloved. Most people who grieve over a loved one wish that. I know three widows, one with two young children, who send Facebook posts about their bitter, knife-slicing pain of loss and their struggle to get through each day.  They are intelligent and otherwise capable women (since each must live on her own - which means working outside the home - and one is a mother.) but they say their grief almost imobilizes them. They don't want to dwell on it in public, but they want their friends to understand why they can't enter into the joy of life, especially on holidays. They want their men back, or they want to die and be with them. They are lonely and wretched.

    That said, my friends make tremendous emotional and physical effort to survive with their loss and grief.  I honour them and think they are super-women, although they say they don't feel "super" at all, and don't want to be thought of as "super". They want to be loved by their husbands again. Their want their world and their lives back to "normal". 

    So, your girl's wish to die with her beloved is normal and quite "real-life". But unless she is like Juliet and kills herself beside her Romeo, she is not likely to die beside him. TB is capricious. It usually kills slowly, as the bacilli take over the lungs. It can lie dormant for years.  Sometimes it kills quickly, but the patient was not able to fight it because he was already in a debilitated state.  That might be the case for your couple if they starved themselves to save money for the ocean crossing.  They might die quickly in the 1919 flu epidemic; but even then one will survive after the other at least a day or more.

    Also, the readers might not think the ending worth the read, if they decide to read your story to the end.  You know that your critics in "Books and Authors" have thought the girl is too helpless and dependant on others for readers to care about her, and that she allows this man she hardly knows to cosset her as though she was a baby.  She is a working-class girl, so she knows she must work to eat even if she does not like it or if she is bruised and battered by bullies. 

    I did not mean to say that the man is not a good man. He cares for her like a mother cares for her infant, which we would like from a loved one; but he might care for her in a way that is not good for her.  I mean that she might expect to be treated as a child, like to be treated so, and become infantile and completely dependant on him. That won't help her when she loses him.

    I have some sympathy for his sister.  I showed that in my last answer.  I think she at least felt she had to bear the brunt of trouble when her brother was arrested.  Her parents are dead, so she lost her home when she lost them. (Her father was a ship's captain, but that does not mean that he owned the house or his ship. He's at sea for months, you had said. That means the family did not get paid until his return.  If her mother or she or both were not working, she had no income.) Her brother broke the law and was imprisoned. So, nothing but shame and pity in the village for her, the sister of a criminal. Then he escaped, so the police are watching her in order to get him.  Whatever her politics, she's got to live, and if she married her brother's enemy, it's a respectable and stable life.  I think, good man that your man is down deep, he would understand his sister's choice was better than the street, even if it made him angry. If he did not understand that, then I am angry at him.

    He made a choice too, to take the girl into his lodging. If she was living with her mean cousins, living with him is "better than the street" or "better than servitude to them"; but it is the same plight his sister faced: shame, pity and social ostracism. If he stayed away from her body, which you convinced me he nobly did do, those who know her believe she is an unchaste woman because she is living with a man who is not her husband. Since he has money for their daily needs (unless they are starving to save money) and money to buy tickets on a ship going across the ocean, I think he has money enough to marry her. Ok, he is on the run. Showing himself to a priest or to a justice of the peace to get a paper that said they are married would not be wise; but it would help their relationship if he committed himself to her with a vow of love. He must be seeing how nuts in love she is about him.  He can tell her how he cherishes her chastity, or he can tell the reader by his actions that he is torn between his desire for her and his wish that she does not feel she must commit herself to him - because he is trouble for her. He knows that, perhaps because he knows he was trouble for his sister.

    Again I say: write the story. It's not sensible to ask for opinions on a story idea that you chop and change.  It can be a good old-fashioned melodramatic love story; but it is YOUR story, and you need to 1) be confident about writing it and 2) write it.  You are not going to be confident about it unless you do write it and either publish it yourself or see if a publisher will publish it. I've put in a lot of criticism and so have others.  If you don't agree with what you got from me, I invite you to write the story and prove I'm wrong.

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    We are all sick of reading your immature emo nonsense. Go away.

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    Wow, makes her really stupid when you think about it, not having the ability to be well rounded enough to have a LIFE instead of being a slave to someone else.

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    Will you PLEASE stop this. Now.

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    That's so sad.

    But I doubt you'll get the same disease.

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    That's so sad. The girl has been through all the bad stuff life has, so just when she can start living she gives up? That makes no sense. The girl should go to therapy and realize how her struggles have given her so much of what she needs to find love. She's just afraid it can't happen. It has. It can happen again.

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    Is that girl you by any chance? Wow,  you need counseling or something.  Your question is to say the least,  complicated.

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