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My hippie roommate reeks and I can’t handle it anymore, what can I do about her?

She smells of lavender, patchouli, marijuana, and BODY ODOR! When I first met her I didn’t realize how bad she smells, then it started getting very noticeable! When I brought it up she informed me she doesn’t believe in deodorant and likes the natural human smell and that wouldn’t be that bad if she showered more then once a week at most! She also doesn’t really wash her clothes, apparently before she started going to school here she used to live in the country and would bathe and wash her clothes in a river or something. This 19 year old grown woman doesn’t shave or EVEN WEAR A BRA! 

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    Most of these things are personal choices. You can try to talk to her about it. The only sure fire thing you can do probably move, or get a different roommate. There's fewer hippies east of Colorado. Maybe try a new state.

    You could always try to shoot for a compromise though. Maybe shop for some natural  deodorants online. I know there's unscented ones if she's really stuck on that. There's even salt crystal deodorant. What you want the deodorant to do is kill stinky bacteria. It doesn't need to have fragrance to do that.

    If you can't take the smell of patchouli anymore maybe research some other fragrant herb smells you could get down for. Perhaps she'd be open to smelling like vanilla, ylang ylang, bergamot, Cedar, or spices.

    Buy an essential oil diffuser for the "house" and get some affordable oils. Explore your hippie side while coaxing her a little closer to midline.

    Pro tip: coffee trumps most smells. Buy a coffee maker or even just some beans. Might really help with the whole patchouli & pot thing.

    To get her to take a bath at least, maybe you guys could make bath bombs together. I don't know if something like that would entice her to bathe. Learning how to do it, and doing something together might help you get along.

    For clothes she could use an old school wash board and tub. There are also hand crank washing machines. I mean of the contemporary variety, although now that I'm thinking about it if you found something vintage for an affordable price that might also tickle her fancy. I'm not saying buy everything. Shop around and do some research. Talk to her. Present options. Figure something out.

    Don't just complain. Show up with viable solutions. Don't expect to win right away. Plant the idea/seed. Let it grow on it's own a little. She's only nineteen. She's still growing too. It may be easier to change both your minds a little, than to get her to radically evolve like a pokemon...coincidentally to your* liking. 

    Amazon - Essential Oil Diffuser $14

    Essential Oils (free shipping & descent prices)

    Walmart - Salt Crystal Deodorant $2

    Target - Charcoal & jojoba Deodorant $7  (smells sooo good)

    Henryop - Hand Crank Clothes Washer $18 (before shipping)

    As a footnote, I don't think you're gonna get a bra hater in a brasserie.

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    You should probably first try drinking a lot more water.  Your pee should be almost clear and almost without any smell.  This may help the vaginal smell too.  If that doesn't work, you should get a new doctor.  If you have a doctor you like, ask him/her to recommend someone.  Good doctors usually know other good doctors.

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    nothing other than moving

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    Jesus, dude, get a life.

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    Your roommate sounds weird and I can't imagine living with someone like this. It sounds like she isn't aware how bad her hygiene is and doesn't care either. I have never known anyone to be against deodorant. Maybe that is her excuse because she is too lazy to put it on? Washing clothes in a river sounds like she is from the Victorian era or something. So she is 19, doesn't shave, smells bad, and doesn't care what you or anyone else thinks? Tell her that she needs to use deodorant and wash her clothes and take regular showers or she will need another roommate because you shouldn't have to tell a grown woman to look and smell decent. I hope she can change her ways but you might be better off with someone new.

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    Move out and get a new roommate. Your roommate sounds like a disgusting pig

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    Gee, if she were about 50 years older, i'd tell you that you're describing someone i know perfectly.

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    This is one reason why I hope to God I NEVER have a roommate again!

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