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Feeling guilty about the way I have treated my family?

I cost my mom a thousand pound five hundred pounds on rent five hundred on a contract phone.over the years I have taken a lot of my mum to fund my cannabis habbit.i wasent very nice to my family I have changed now but I still feel bad for what I have done.i received a two thousand pound from my grandad from hiss will and I wasted it on cannabis and alcohol I have a really guilty conscience.

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    i didnt treat my family well either. rock bottom is wherever you decide it to be, its never to late to turn your actions around. clean yourself up, stop beating yourself up, love your self and do better. its hard but im in the same boat and now im living with family again and helping to raise cousins and cleaning and building myself again. love you, try to do the same

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  • justin
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    3 months ago

    do what u can to fix it don't do it again ask forgivness and let it go

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    You feel guilty.  What does your therapist say?  How are you paying your mother back?

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