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How much weight can a macbook pro 2017 lift? read details ?

my dumbass mom put an ENTIRE pile of books that probably weighed 20kg on my macbook. IM SO ******* PARANOID, how much weight is needed to damage a macbook pro? i opened it and it looks fine but im obviously concerned about the internals due to the pressure that it has been under for literally 24 hours 

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  • 8 months ago

    That's a spread load and unlikely to do any harm. If it looks okay and works okay, it's okay.

  • Tommy
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    8 months ago

    With the lid closed and the books stacked flat on top, that will be where it can withstand a static load. The weight of the books is spread across a large portion of the surface area of the computer more evenly distributing the weight. If the books were dropped on there forcefully that would be a different story. A single book dropped on edge could cause more damage that a stack place on there. Don't be too stressed. If any major damage was done it would have shown up when you first checked it. Although possible, the odds are very low that major damage was done.

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