If I have a full coverage and I involve in an accident, the other person's insurance pays me, does my insurance company pay me as well?

Example) I have a full coverage. I get in an accident. Not my fault. The other person's car insurance will pay me. Do I still call my insurance for them to pay me as well since I have a full coverage or just receive the other person's insurance. Thanks.


What's full coverage like paying double money compare to liability for? They only pay me if I'm at fault? 

Update 2:

Ok I'll just have a liability only, from what I read is not worth to spend double for full coverage since I'm a good driver also. Might put the extra in good stocks monthly so I can pay myself in case 

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    you need to let your insurance co. know you had an accident. you can't count on the other persons insurance paying for anything. your insurance co. might need to sue the other person to get anything out of them.

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    You can't "double dip" from two different policies - one yours, one theirs - and your insurance company is entitled to be reimbursed from the at fault party's insurance, up to their policy limits, for what you've paid out. 

    However.  Maybe you have more damages than they have insurance - in which case, you file under your policy as well, to make up the difference.  

    "Full coverage" doesn't mean anything specific, except at least minimum liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage with some type of unspecified deductible.    It's useful if you are the person at fault, or if you get hit by someone with no insurance at all, or not enough insurance.  

    It's only "not worth it" if you don't have a claim.  But if a tree falls on your car in a storm, or your car catches on fire . . . you might wish you had carried that coverage. 

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    Regardless of whose "fault" you think it is, ALWAYS call your own insurance company if you're involved in an accident. Don't call the other driver's insurance company. That insurance company isn't looking out for your best interests. 

    Regarding your basic question: You can go to the well only once. Either your insurance company or the other driver's insurance company will pay for repairs. You will NOT be paid by both insurance companies.

    If all you have is Liability coverage, your insurance company won't pay you one cent to repair the damage to YOUR car. Liability covers only the damage that your vehicle causes to the car of another motorist - it doesn't cover YOU or your damages. In order for your own insurance company to pay you ANYTHING, you have to carry full coverage (Liability, Collision, and Comprehensive). 

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    Just so you know, the answer you chose as the best didn't answer the question you asked.

    The answer is usually no, but maybe.  It's all about the details of exactly what your 'full coverage' includes, and the details of exactly what was lost or damaged.  Since you listed examples, here's a good example of claiming under both...

    You bought a brand new car 8 months ago, and you get rear-ended at a red light today.  Your car is a total loss, meaning the cost of repairing it is more than __% of the actual cash value.  The other idiot's insurance pays for the actual cash value of your vehicle, which includes depreciation, and new cars depreciate at ridiculous rates.  But the other idiot's insurance doesn't have to pay the brand new value of your car, so they won't.

    When you set up your 'full' coverage, you also purchased new-car protection (oft called waiver of depreciation) as one of the options.  Your insurance policy will cover the difference between the actual cash (depreciated) value and the new-car value, because you bought the coverage so they have to pay up.

    If you're wondering if a (not your fault accident) will ever be covered twice, the answer is always no.  You'll never be compensated twice for the same loss or damage.  That's called double dipping (not the legal term of course), and it's highly against the law.

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    LOL.  No.  You don't get paid twice.  Yes.  You should notify your insurance company of the accident.  If you had notified your insurance as you are required to do, they could have explained all of this to you.  Buying only liability because you are a "good driver" is a very wrong, very foolish reason.  

    Having only liability is an invitation for trouble.  Speak with and seek advice from your insurance agent before you find yourself in deep doo do.

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    Are you asking if you get paid 100% by each company?  No

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    You “involve in an accident?” What?

    The at fault party pays for your damages. That might be you (if you have collision coverage). It might be the other driver.

    You get PAID ONCE by the insurance for the responsible party.

    I have NO idea what “what’s full coverage like paying double money compare to liability for?” could POSSIBLY mean.

    I have NO idea why you are confused between liability and comprehensive/collision coverage. If you DON’T have comprehensive/collision and YOU are at fault you get nothing.

    Right, put your insurance premium into stocks. Excellent idea.

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    You can only collect once. It is easier to have the other driver's insurance pay. collecting twice amounts to insurance fraud.

    Source(s): Retired claims adjuster.
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    You DO NOT win the lottery and get multiple pay outs.

    Insurance pays out what it must .

    If the other insurance does not pay out 100 % of your claim the leftover amount might be claimed from your plan.

    IF the other insurance has paid you for the damage then what is the loss you are pretending to claim from your insurance? You have already been paid out.

    Insurance companies do talk to each other.

    FRAUD is fraud and you might get an unexpected temporary new place to call home for a while courtesy of your local courts.

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    Nope. You only get paid out once. The accident report will refleft who was at fault, and the actions taken by their insurance company, so your insurer will know you've been paid already and will decline any application

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