I want to enlarge a print on my hp envy a crossword that I scanned and moved to my pc but want enlarge before printing?

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  • 10 months ago

    set the printer to "fit to the page" in the options or similar menu under print

  • 10 months ago

    MS Paint is simple.  Open there, change its pixel numbers to enlarge.

    But remember, you cannot manufacture details out of wishes.  When you enlarge a pixelated image that you scanned at some low resolution (100 dpi) and try to make it larger (3X) it will look "blocky".  You should scan at the resolution that will give you plenty of pixels to make a larger image.

    Source(s): 68 years of photography. Special effects tech for entertainment theaters. Electronics manufacturing engineer. Using computers since 1962, building PC boxes for several decades, college computer classes instructor, making printed circuit board surface mounting details for components. And a US Navy flying officer (a "Goose" for a "Maverick").
  • 10 months ago

    We don't know what operating system you are using - but whether W7 or W10.

    - go to your programs search feature.

    - search for "snip".  In W7 you have the snipping tool.  In W10, you have the snipping tool and snip & sketch.  Either will work.

    - snip the screen image with the crossword puzzle.  It will then become a picture.

    - paste it into word (or whatever word processing you use)

    - once in word, click on the picture and drag he corner of the picture to enlarge.

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