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Was the Lyft driver implying that my parents are deriving sexual pleasure from me being in distress?

My whole life, my parents have been very psychologically abusive towards me. I left home at the age of 21 and was doing fairly well until a few months ago, I got evicted after complaining to my landlord about my roommates antagonizing me and ended up having to move back in with my parents because I had nowhere else to go. What's strange is that before getting evicted, my parents would often try to convince me to move back in with them for a while and with call me and reprimand me as if I'm a child for not visiting them on my off days. Ever since moving back in with them they have been really giving me hell and constantly telling me that I'm in the situation I'm in right now because I made a bunch of stupid decisions. They also been doing a lot of strange things, such as trying to pressure me into quitting my job and looking for one close to their house (even though they live in a rural area), picking fights with me every time they see, to convince me that I'm mentally incompetent and that everyone else hates me, lies to me, and talks bad about me behind my back. For the second time since I have moved in, my car has broken down and I've been relying on them and public transportation to get around until my dad who's a mechanic, is ready to fix my car (whenever that may be). While in the car, my dad would keep screaming at me about how I'm selfish and inconsiderate and how I make stupid decisions and inconvenience them. They have also sometimes been taking me to work late.


This morning, I took Lyft to work and me and the driver started having a conversation about child abuse and narcissistic parents. I told her about what I have been going through at home ever since moving back in with my parents and at one point, she mumbled "I bet the sex is good."

Is she suggesting that they are actually turned on by me being in unfavorable situations?

Update 2:

Also, I have told my parents a number of times that I'm only staying with them for a few months until I can get my own apartment. Yet, they insist on continuing to try to pressure me into quitting my job to look for one close to their house.

Update 3:

Also, last night, when I was in a Lyft ride heading home, I mentioned that my car had broken down and that this is the second time it's happened since moving back in with my parents. The driver told me that someone who knows I'm trying to save money to get my own apartment is actually damaging my car to force me to keep spending all of my money fixing my car and taking public transportation.

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  • Kerri
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    8 months ago

    I doubt your parents are getting some sexual kink out of berating you. It sounds like they are just psychologically abusive. Some people just aren’t cut out to be parents and when these people have kids anyway they quickly start resenting the kid and blaming them for being problematic instead of accepting the fact that they are terrible parents. At this point your parents have become angry, judgmental, intolerant, selfish middle aged people that blame you for “making” them that way. Definitely not fair to you but it’s highly unlikely they will change. Best to figure out how to get out of their house and distance yourself from them. You don’t have to cut them out of your life, but once you’re on your feet, tell them exactly why you won’t visit/call as much as they insist you do. It may not change their ways but it will help you get out from under their toxic rule. Getting yourself some therapy wouldn’t hurt either.

  • marty
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    8 months ago

    I doubt Lyft drivers have the degrees and credentials to assess anybody's problems. You sound like you could use some professional mental help though.

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