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I didn't miss my bf last time he went away?

Me and my bf have been together for nearly 4 yrs and have lived together for nearly 3 of those years. As we have lived in a small studio space for the past year, it has really tested our relationship. There is nowhere to go if we argue, except if one of us goes outside. Lately he hadn't been visiting his family (in another part of the UK) as often as he used to and has been unemployed so he has been spending a lot of time indoors while I go out to work and study every day. It has built up some resentment within me, seeing him being so relaxed and in my opinion not trying hard enough to find work. Whenever I come home, he's there in his pyjamas watching YouTube videos. The past couple of months have been really tough in terms of him being more irritable and snappy and us arguing more. He went away to visit his family recently and I was really relieved to have the place to myself and my own personal space. I didn't miss him - as in I wished he'd stayed away longer than just three days. Usually when he goes away I am excited to have my space to begin with and then I miss him but this time I didn't. He had been getting on my nerves so much that I really enjoyed the feeling of being single again - not having to think about him. This is the first time I have felt that way and I really appreciate him when he is here and he is a good guy who cares about me and treats me well. I'm just wondering if me not missing him is significant or not? 

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    It's no wonder you didn't miss having his lazy self underfoot. Maybe tell him this in the interest of him returning to that productive person you used to have respect for.

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    It could be very significant.  I can understand enjoying a little alone time - especially living in a tiny space.  Him being unemployed is probably adding to your stress and dissatisfaction.  Hopefully he'll soon find a job, which will get him out of the house and able to contribute more to the relationship.  I hope it works out for you - you say he's a nice guy and treats you well - that's not always easy to find (or replace).  Good luck.

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