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Is a guy entitled to ask the girl he loves to stop seeing her boyfriend and break the engagement before is too late, as he doesn't want her ?

To lose her virginity to him? 

Let's suppose a guy loved a girl like crazy but had to hold everything inside of himself as not to upset her parents (she was underage) and had conscience remorse due to her being young and he felt bad for the age difference. He took care of her when her parents worked and she was having a hard time at school as she was being insulted for beung foreign. He had to go to find a job somewhere else, as his life in the town was too dull and unfair to him, as he was foreign too. Many years later she gets engaged to a good guy who was never in trouble like he was. He comes back and sees them together and loses his mind, as he never took her out of his head during all those years. She begs her not to do that while crying and being desperate because if she doesif she has sex with him it will be too late for them

Is he entitled to ask her such thing? 

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    If she is engaged to him she has most likely already lost her virginity to him. It doesn't even sound like you were ever with her - just a babysitter. She's moved on and you are not in the picture now. 

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    You're not entitled to another person's body. Ever. I dont care how much you care about them. You're also not entitled to ask her to break up her current relationship. The only thing you can do is tell her how you feel. If she feels the same she may break off the relationship. If not. You leave her to live her life.

  • sian
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    8 months ago

    No way. It's entirely up to her what she does and with whom.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Lol Are you going to bust down the church doors and yell “I object!” just before the priest marries them? 

    Edit: I just thought about what I said. I meant that as a joke. Please don’t be THAT jackáss at the wedding. It’s best to move on.

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