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Is our friend worried for no reason?

I work in an office with 12 other women, mostly single girls and Bob, our computer support guy. Bob is a great guy and we all love him dearly. He is a good friend to all of us. In the employee break room, we talk about a lot of different things and sometimes we talk about sex. Like who is sleeping with who, what guy is hot or sexy. We would like Bob to join in our conversation but he told us he will not even acknowledge that people have sex because he is afraid of getting fired for sexual harassment. He very much enjoys hearing us talk however.

We sometimes meet after work and them Bob will talk about his girlfriend, dating, and sex. Some of us are afraid we might be sexually harassing Bob. Can women sexually harass a man? It just does not seem fair that Bob can not talk to us about the same things we gals talk about. Do you think he is fearful for no reason? Is there a double standard in this area?

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    I think Bob is very right about not talking about sex or dating with you ladies at work. if someone misconstrued something he said and reported him, he could be out of a job. leave him alone and you all need to be more professional at work and leave the personal stuff for outside the workplace. 

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Another one of your BS stories.

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