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Harassment from women?

So i pretty much want to know why women commit such cheap and criminally oriented acts like having their own bathroom to **** in and yet walking right into the customers bathroom right after having full blown sexual intercourse with their colleague while at work and not using their own area to take a dump at but walking in on a paying customer while they are washing their hands after consuming their meal and trying to barge into a bathroom stall or trying to piss said customer off.

I say this because I have been harassed by women a dozen times in the near past and obviously by now I am aware of the negativity that comes with woman on woman sex.


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  • Foofa
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    8 months ago

    You're clearly talking about just one woman in the first scenario and only a dozen women in the second. It might help you to know that there are 3.5+ Billion women on Earth and most of them have never done a damn thing to you.

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