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39 years since the murder of John Lennon?

Isn't it time to release to Mark David Chapman?, Bet you hadn't he killed a famous person he wouldn't be in prison. 

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    Some people can never be released because they are "too famous", people like Chapman and the Manson gang and anybody who assassinated a high profile politician like Bobby Kennedy for example, of course they would have been released decades ago had they killed some average person who wasnt famous. They could never have any kind of normal life after release, their picture would be everywhere, there would be nowhere they could go without being recognized and attracting an angry mob. They just get an unofficial release and get transferred to a nice comfortable cell that is more like an apartment and they get most of the privileges that anybody on the outside would get, but they cannot leave, even if they live to 100 they will die in prison. There are exceptions, John Hinkley was the guy that shot Ronald Reagan, he got a very limited release in recent years, but he has very strict restrictions on literally everything he does, his life would not be much better on the outside, perhaps the difference with him was it was only attempted murder, if it wasnt a president he would have got a full release 20 years ago.

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    Famous or not, he deserves to still be in prison for what he did.

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    i think he would still be in prison cause he did kill someone

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    Yes he would be, he is a murderer.

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    You do the crime, you do the time.

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    If he's not doing life he should be. He is where he belongs.

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