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can a university lecturer be dismissed for poor grades? UK?

Dave has just been dismissed for being uncooperative. he has worked for the university for 10 years and is a stickler for spelling, punctuation etc. whilst the pass rates for other modules has gone up, his has remained the same as he refuses to "reward poorly presented work". it was made clear to dave all other staff would be more lenient, and the university could not have one member of staff who refused to adapt to modern needs. 

advise where Dave could bring a claim for unfair dismissal

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    I would think what this comes down to is whether the university has a clear grading policy that staff are expected to follow and what training Dave was given as regards grade expectations.

    If the university has a policy which Dave has been made aware of and offered appropriate training in but he refuses to follow it then I wouldn't think he has any recourse.

    If there is no clear policy with staff allowed to set their own different grade expectations for each module, or if the policy is opaque or not communicated, then it is a different matter.

    Dave would need to contact his union for further advice.

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    < advise where Dave could bring a claim for unfair dismissal >

    You need a labor attorney.

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    10 months ago

    probably that he wasnt doing anything wrong

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