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My mini dachshund always gives me a hard time picking him up and putting him in the truck, he always wants to run , play, and he thinks it's?

a game. Sometimes it take forever to get him in the truck.. on top of that, once he's in he don't want to get out!! Why???

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    Most dogs like to go for rides in the car. They like it so much they don't want it to end.

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    Why? Lack of training is why.

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    Sounds like one or more possible reasons are involved:

    1) Dog does not get enough regular, sustained & aerobic exercise - so he goes nuts when he gets the opportunity to run.  Knows or assumes all FUN ends, when you get in the truck.

    1a) Dog wants you to engage in play WITH IT, so he "invents" a game.

    2) He was never properly taught to come, or rewarded well for COMING - when called.

    3) Many dogs do not LIKE to be picked up; they feel "uneasy".  Dachs with so many spinal problems, may be also resistant - if there is any back pain.  Only your vet can determine if that, is a FACTOR.

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    Who is in charge there, you or the dog!!   Sounds like the dog..... how old is he because this may just be him in need of some training!!    Don't let him out to the truck without being on a lead?   That should stop him kicking off!   It shouldn't be too hard getting him out of the trust - again collar and lead?

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  • Raven
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    Hard to say why but it sounds like he thinks this routine is fun, a game. Why not leash him before leading him to the truck? Leave the leash on during the drive, then you can just grab it and haul him out!

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