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A friend invited me to spend New Year's Eve with her and her husband at a party?

A friend who lives in FL is coming to NY for New Years Eve and staying at a hotel which is having a party. She asked if I wanted to join them (along with some others.) I called the hotel and found out that unless you buy the $350 "package" which means staying at the hotel that night, that you can't go. I live a mile from the hotel so staying there doesn't make sence and called my friend to explain that for $350 I could not afford the price. I also said how disapointed I was as I had been planning my oufit already, etc. and was so honored that she had asked me to join her, her husband and others. I figured she would be upset too but she shrugged it off like it was no big deal. To me it was a big deal but I acted cool about it. I am hurt she doesn't seem to care. What should I make of this?

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    If you can't afford it, you can't. Why should your friend have a meltdown over it? If a friend of mine tells me they can't do something i ask about, i just accept it and go on with my life. That's what normal, rational people do.

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    I don't know what you expect her to do about it? She is joining other people so it is not like she can change the venue for you. I think I would bite the bullet and pay the $350 unless you simply could not scratch up that much money. But if you live in NYC a mile from the hotel with the $350 party, you can scratch up that much money.

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