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Darcie asked in PetsCats · 8 months ago

What do you think of these ideas?

 Hi 👋,

I’m currently writing a book entitled “The Cats of Felidale”, which has a black-and-white shorthaired cat called Fidel as the protagonist. It is about feral cats, the leader of Fidel’s colony being Arttur (to start with). Fidel is the one who provides for the females and kittens, even though they are Arttur’s kittens, as Arttur is irresponsible for them and has other concerns. Anyhow, a black cat named Abanus tries to join his colony with Arttur’s, only to be aggressively rejected (there is a fight). Because Abanus is now hurt and Fidel is a caring cat, he now feeds Abanus as well.

 The humans are also trying to build on the cats’ territory and are cruel to the cats.

 Later, Arttur turns out to be more of a dictator and abandons Fidel’s colony in order to go off and form an army. They have been brainwashed to consider Fidel a traitor and chase and fight him. 

 Will Fidel win and will the cats be saved?

 Please be nice.

 Thank you 😊. 

Best Wishes to all,


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  • 8 months ago

    This sounds very much like Warriors.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    If this is an example of your writing skills you are not going to be published.  It's that simple.

    An example is, "Arttur is irresponsible for them." That makes NO sense.

    I don't know will and won't win because I'm not the person writing the book.

    I presume you want the truth - and that's the truth.

    I am a published writer.  I have an agent.  I have a degree in English.  I write about what I know and have researched.

  • Raven
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    8 months ago

    Have you ever read Watership Down? I think one reason that book was so successful was that the author studied rabbit behavior extensively, and the rabbits in it behaved the way rabbits actually do. He then intertwined a fictional rabbit culture into their natural behavior, which made their bunny culture believable because it stemmed from real rabbit behavior. If you haven't read it I highly recommend it, it will help you with your book.

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