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Landlord don't care?

There's a mechanical noise coming from the roof whenever it rains but the landlord won't fix it and said I should get used to it.

I nearly called in sick for work cos I didn't sleep properly. What do I do? He's spoiling my finances and work probation.

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    Could you describe the noise in more detail?

  • Mr. P
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    If you don't like it - move out.

    Nobody is forcing you to stay there

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    wind turbines and power vents make some noise. it's inevitable and does not mean anything is wrong. you'll sleep anyway after a couple of days. [landlord is under no legal obligation to 'fix' any such thing ... which would likely require removing the vent and rebuilding 1/2 square meter of roof ... far too expensive for something can can be solved with either earplugs or patience]

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    conditions of dwellings, housing,state minimum conditions in your agreement,,when one party beglects to follow the standards, procedure rules,,give him a ltr about the problem tell him you will have it examined and repaired if you can handle it,, document,,take pics,get a stmt from the repair guy,a receipt,,copies of everything made, if he sqwawks, and threatens you,,,housing court, costs beared by the aggrieving party ( the one who caused the problem with the rent and need for repair)

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    Stop in at Home Depot and ask for Foam Earplug protection, or any Welding supply store or any automotive store, then ask them how to use them.    You roll them in your fingers so it is pointy at one end and you insert in the ear.  They expand and make a pretty good seal.  You can sleep.

    .  Besides, the Landlord is doing his job...ignoring YOU.  Not going to be different anywhere else.

    .   It is written in the LL training manual.

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    Best you get used to the sound. 

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    Regardless of what is causing the noise, when they threaten your ability to make money, there is a problem.  Two ways to fix the problem.  First, fix the noise maker.  Ok, so that is the landlord and he won't do it.  so, Two.  Fix you. That's right, fix YOU.  Get some earplugs, a noise machine or something which will allow you to sleep more soundly.  (If you use earplugs, be sure to turn up the volume on your alarm, too!) 

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    What is this "mechanical noise"?  Rain on the roof?  That's a fact of life (and the weather).  If it bothers you that much try earplugs.

  • get a handyman to take a look at it.

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