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General election 2019: Source of UK-US trade document leak must be found - PM. Is that a red herring compared to what the document says?

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  • 4 months ago
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    Irrespective of what the document says ,when the source is an enemy state whose   purpose is to interfere in  a British election by trying to stop the election of a (Conservative) PM ,who it thinks would be unfriendly to its own interests, but instead, help get elected ,a Labour leader that it thinks would be -- then it is of overwhelming importance .

    And for a Labour leader to ignore this ,simply out of political self interest -- something that we have come to expect of the crooked Trump -- speaks volumes about the integrity of our own Labour Leader.

    Records of what are still ,potential, and   on - going trade negotiations between the US and UK is one thing -- accepting the help of an enemy state to get elected -- is quite another .

    But as with Trump and his Republican supporters , I guess Corbyn and his Labour supporters ,don't care about "collusion" either.

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    • hoarseman
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      4 months agoReport

      They are on going negotiations about ,potential trade agreements -- in such discussions I would expect both sides to present their "wish lists" .That's normal ?.It's Corbyn's willingness to do Russia's work for them against us , that isn't .That's Trump like.  

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