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What does this mark mean?

My jewelry (necklace) says C (with a circle around the C) Disney LA CN on it. The package said 14k gold flash plated, genuine crystal. The necklace looks silver and has crystals in the charm then another charm over that is gold looking The chain is silver looking too. What do the marks mean? Is this real jewelry?


What is LA CN ??

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    Are you wearing it as a necklace? Then it's real jewelry. That really all that's important.  The encircled c is copyright and the LA CN is a maker's mark. It was made in Hong Kong by a place that specializes in mid market jewelry casting and plating. It's not dollar store or Forever 21 level cheap but it's not super high end fine jewelry like you get at Tiffany. It's in the middle. If you like it and wear it then it's real jewelry. And that all that really important.

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    It's a secret that means PRC.

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    C = copyright (Disney)

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