What is being a truck driver like?

Hello I recently got a offer from my cousin to join his trucking company which would be great since I would be making over $1000 a week and would be living out of my home state which is what I always wanted since I love traveling and would really like to leave the state I’m living in. The thing is I am having second thoughts since I’m mostly going to be on the road most the time and I’m a really active person and like to stay in shape also  if I’m going to be alone most the time. What was your guys experience being a truck driver did you like it or was it a let down? 

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  • 10 months ago

    i did it for 12 years, quit driving once I got to about 350 lbs. that was my fault though. I could have eaten healthier and exercised more on my down town. I was only ever a company driver and there were a few years i was making anywhere from 80k- 100k. i do miss the independence sometimes.

  • Edna
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    10 months ago

    The truck drivers who make "big money" like $1000/week are independent truckers who own their own truck and contract to haul trailers of cargo coast to coast. They pick up a load at Point A; deliver it to Point B; then pick up another load at Point B and deliver it to Point C.  They aren't employed by a private trucking company - they are independent business men who are hauling freight. 

     You won't be doing any sight-seeing along the way; you schedule doesn't allow you the time to do. 

    Out of the $1000/week, you'll have to pay for insurance on the truck, gas and oil, maintenance and repairs to the truck, toll road fees,  fines for any traffic violations; their meals while on the road, etc. They're on the road, back and forth, for most of the month. You'll probably even sleep in your truck. The cabs of most trucks that independent truckers drive are equipped with beds and microwave ovens inside the cab. Some are so deluxe that they have showers, toilets, and TV's in them. Remember, this is a trucker's OWN truck - it doesn't belong to a trucking company. 


    Many independent truckers (to keep from being "alone" on the road) take their dog or their cat along with them and the animal rides in the cab alongside them; or their wife or their girlfriend accompanies them.   

  • Bort
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    10 months ago

    In short: I'm disappointed. Truck driving may very well not be for me. I started in class 8 mechanics in the early 90's and did other things like warehousing and ran my own business for 12 years in between then I worked in extrusion for 16 some years until I decided to go back in to mechanics on trucks and did that for 2 years and then decided to get my CDL and drive for a bit to:

    1. Get my ASE certification for Class 8s so I can inspect them (State and Federal) and make more money as a mechanic.

    2. I always wanted to drive semi's. Here was finally my chance to see what it was like, travel again, see places...etc. The exact things you're thinking.

    It sucks. The main thing that irritates and frustrates me is maybe what you're avoiding by working for a small family owned trucking company, your family, is that the company's I've worked for in the past 2 years work you to death. They treat you like schitt and if you don't accomodate them by being their good little slave that does nothing but exactly what they tell you to (some of which isn't legal, which isn't a risk to the company it's a risk to YOU), they treat you even worse.

    If you like being home and having time to yourself for anything truck driving is NOT for you. Don't do it.

    If you want to have a home, a house, property, a dog, have a girlfriend or wife and to raise kids truck driving is NOT for you. You will never be home. It's not possible to be a really good father as a father should be to children if you're a truck driver. And unless your girlfriend or wife goes with you on the truck it's nearly impossible to keep and hang on to them too.

    It makes no sense for a single person who is a truck driver to have a home. It is just too much of an expense to take on for a place that if they drive OTR they are lucky to get to be at for 12 hours a month, if they manage to get 12 straight hours off where their dwelling is located.

    I'm a local driver now working for Swift and so far it's been the best company I've worked for. But even though I'm a local "Home daily" driver, and I am home daily, I'm only given 10-12 hours to be home before I have to be back in the truck ready to roll. So after the 30 minute drive home, eating, showering, doing the chores, caring for my dog, I have about 6 hours left to sleep before I have to go back.

    It's rough. It's not for everyone.

    Glad I got to experience something I've always wanted to do but I have enrolled in the ASE course that starts soon and will be getting out of it and going back in to mechanics as soon as possible.

  • bo
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    10 months ago

    well if his company will allow you to go with him then go and see if its for you. it isn't for everyone. most last a few weeks and quit. do you have a CDL license if not it will cost a few grand to get it through the company your cousin drives for which you'll have to pay back if you leave the company early if you decide you don't want to drive anymore

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  • 10 months ago

    Plenty of youtube videos on this subject.

  • 10 months ago

    You could still work out bieng a truck driver. Not in a gym but you could do pull ups on your truck. You could do sit ups on your truck. You could even run around your truck. Maybe on a deserted road you could run along with your truck. You will meet alot of new people. Eat some of the best junk foods unless you can shop at grocery stores and make your own meals.

  • Rick B
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    10 months ago

    go on a run with one of his employees and see for yourself what it is like.

  • 10 months ago

    This glock spit fire

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