What kind of boss do I have? What should I do?

We hired a sales manager because my current boss was promoted to our director of sales. I am the coordinator, I assist with admin work and supporting the managers.

We have market segments to identify who gets what business. The new manager has been here for over a month and my boss has trained her about 10% I’ve shown her our processes and answer all her questions because she would rather ask me. I don’t mind because I like my new manager more then my boss, she makes me feel comfortable and she acutely asked me to get drinks so we did. We had a good time and will probably hang out again. 

I noticed last week when I ask my boss a question she rolls her eyes, I think she thinks I don’t see her because she is facing her computer but I turn around to talk to people I see her do it.

 I don’t think my boss likes the new manager, she is kind of loud. That is something I can look past because she is a nice person. I don’t like how my boss treats my manager and I feel like she has been treating me like this i just didn’t notice it before. My old boss was very organized and methodical which I liked. She wanted everyone to be perfect which put a lot of pressure on us. Now that my new boss is my boss she doesn’t assign tasks or anything to me, which is my whole job...it’s been like this for two months. I am a good employee and create jobs for my self but now that my sales manager is here she doesn’t do anything because my boss is not training her! I don’t really know what to do.

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  • 10 months ago
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    I've read this post twice and I'm still unable to figure out what you're actually asking us. What is your question?

  • 10 months ago

    I've never met your boss. You have. Can't you work it out for yourelf?

  • 10 months ago

    A. When new boss *rolled her eyes* that quote refers -"your new boss do not like tht U talk/ask/listen what your ex boss (current new director) says or tells you or xyz.

    B. New boss which you guys hired- she may be self centered for herself. No tasks no challenges and mouth shut?

    It's deep silent sea, can shake up everyone anytime.

    C. U shuld listen 2 both d boss, new and old, sort out your life n pay N bio-data is boosted whatever you ever, keep calm, finish work, be real, N get rid of this situational abnormalities. It will happen likewise everywhere.

    D. My story-A first person who interacted a lot cannot talk to me now, becuz I listened to his father, that is his younger son (1st person younger brother) needed help and I couldnt help the first person who helped me. It has stuck with the first person . Rest his dad n young brother is happy that I dont get along with my first person . But that is what I put a wrong frame after I came to know about father-youngson. I keepthat way.

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