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Some Christians claim that the Virgin Mary is a perpetual virgin.?

I give them the benefit of the doubt, but how do they explain that? Jesus had brothers, so clearly it must have some spiritual explanation? 

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    There are plenty of explanations for references in the Bible to "brothers".  To start with, Aramaic and 1st century Hebrew didn't distinguish between brothers, half-brothers and cousins.  All of your generation in your extended family, male and female, were described by the same word. The "brothers" referred to in the synoptics where someone says (presumably in Aramaic) "Your mother and brothers are waiting outside" could have been cousins or Joseph's children by an earlier marriage.  A widowed mother would have been the responsibility of her sons, but on the cross, Jesus gave John that responsibility, suggesting that he was the closest male relative.  In Acts

    James, "brother of the Lord" was the leader of the Church in Jerusalem before its destruction in 75AD.  He is referred to in Acts and some of Paul's Epistles.  The Church in Jerusalem was known as the "Brothers of the Lord".  Tradition has it that he was the eldest of Joseph's children by an earlier marriage.

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    Matt. 1:25. Joseph and Mary had a normal family after Jesus' birth.

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    In view of what the Bible says about marriage, should we not accept the natural meaning of the terms brother and sister rather than to claim that Jesus’ brothers and sisters were merely his kinspeople, perhaps his cousins?

    When we accept this natural meaning, we come to appreciate that Mary lived her life as a humble servant of God in harmony with his purpose respecting marriage.

    The Scriptural view of matters counteracts any warped ideas about sex relations in marriage. Proper sex relations are not in themselves defiling.

    Not sex relations between marriage partners, but celibate marriages are contrary to the spirit of God’s Word.

    So the teaching that Mary remained ever virgin misrepresents God’s purpose respecting marriage, making it appear that unnatural celibate marriages are holy.

    In no way did Mary’s becoming the mother to other children diminish her being blessed among women in having been granted the unique favor of bearing the human Son of God.

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    This is the false doctrine by the Catholic church. The Catholic church is a cult and described in Revelation as "Mother of harlots"

    The Bible makes it very clear that Jesus had 4 brothers and two sisters by natural birth between Mary and Joseph.

    The Catholic church venerate Mary and should not as the entire focus is to be on the Lord Jesus. In fact, the scriptures have very little to say about Mary as the time and place of her death is unrecorded.

    The book of Revelation clearly spells out the destruction of the Catholic church in the coming tribulation. Revelation 17:1-9. 

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    Have you ever wondered why this issue is so contended?

    If Mary had other children, how would these siblings fit in the picture, socially, psychologically, genealogically, but above all, theologically?  Would these siblings be demigods?  Would a descendant of one of these siblings be considered better somehow than those who were not.  Would these 'royal' descendants be expected to marry within theologically royal circle?

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    'Brothers', in Biblical terms, has a wider sense than in English. It can include 'step-brothers', for instance. And the ancient traditional belief is that St Joseph was older than Mary, and had already been married and widowed before he was betrothed to her, so that the children from his first marriage would have been the brothers of Jesus but not the children of Mary.

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    It sounds like just one more absurd belief by Catholics that there is no scriptural basis for like priests having the ability to absolve people for their sins.

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    You have to have faith that she could have intercourse and still be a virgin 

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    The tradition that claims Mary was a perpetual virgin is a different one than the one that says he had brothers or sisters.

    One of the apocryphal gospels was Mary's backstory.  (I believe it's called The Gospel of Mary, but don't hold me to it.)  Mary was raised in a monastery and fed by angels, according to this document.  When she grew up (at least to the point where she started having periods) she was married to Joseph, an older man who had already had a wife and a family, on the understanding that he wouldn't touch her because he was too old to do any damage.  According to this story, women came to examine Mary after Jesus was born, and they found her to still be a virgin.

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    The pagan Roman Catholic cult has a lot of errant beliefs, teachings, and practices.

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