Would you kiss or have sex with someone who has lyme disease? If you are someone who has the disease, would you engage in sexual activity?

Have you had sex with someone who had lyme disease? Did you have sex when you have/had the disease?

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  • 9 months ago
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    Most folks who have LD are not INTERESTED in sex since the symptoms are fatigue, chills, fevers, headaches, stiff neck, along with muscle /joint aches. However if in the early stages maybe. All depends on how the person feels with the LD 

    this is NOT contagious you get LD from a tick bite and most often the tick is present somewhere on the body .AND THERE IS TREATMENTS FOR THIS AS WELL ALL STAGES .

    Source(s): nurse
  • 10 months ago

    Lyme disease isn’t contagious from one human to another. It’s spread by an insect bite. So yeah. If there was a good looking girl trying to get some pp, I’d let her have it. As long as it wasn’t so bad that she looked really gross. I mean, most Lyme disease doesn’t look that bad, it just looks like you bumped something and have a red spot on your skin. Its easily cured with antibiotics too so unless you intentionally let it go and just didn’t give a ****, that’s the only way it’s gonna get bad.

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